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What to do after an accident

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Client endorsements

"Thank you and Denise for all your dedicated work in regards to my auto accident in 2017.  You both helped resolve an unpleasant, complicated experience.  I know it was time consuming and frustrating but we got through it and I am very glad you were able to help me."

Client, January 2020

"I was involved in an auto accident this past December. I called a friend and he recommended Matthew Spencer, so I called and set appt. Went in and met Denise, Matt's assistant. Wonderful to meet and then met Matt. We sat and went over every detail even stuff I had no idea about but Matt did. Between the two they handled everything. They kept me up to date from start to finish. After everything was done I couldn't have been happier. I would and will recommend Mr. Spencer to everyone. Thank you," 

John, December 2019

"Our family was involved in a serious accident with our kids, but Matt walked us through every step of the settlement process. He kept us in the loop as to whether or not he had heard back from someone, explained every detail regarding any paperwork received, and even came to our home when it was more convenient for us because of our children to talk with us or go over documents. He is very personable, extremely genuine, and truly seems to care about his clients. I would recommend him, and already have, to anyone in need of his services."

Mike, June 2018

"This past year has been a little bit of a "whirlwind" for me, with the car accident last July and other health issues. But knowing you were handling the accident issue gave me a lot of peace and comfort. Your kindness and thoughtfulness comes through when you talk with your clients. Your sincerity gives them the relief that everything will work out and they can trust you."

Donna, June 2018


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