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"Oh my goodness!  This is WONDERFUL news!!  Thank you so much for your help. ...and to have it done early is a REAL TREAT! 

Please convey my thanks and regard to Matthew and know that if anyone asks who to contact for services such as this Matthew will get my most sincere recommendation.

Thank you again."

Cathy C., July 2024

"Thanks so much for your help. Great customer service."

Client, April 2024

"I recently hired Matthew to handle a speeding ticket, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. He successfully managed to have the charges reduced, preventing any negative impact on my car insurance rates."

Client, December 2023


I can’t say how hard this was, but you made it smooth as possible. I appreciate you for your strength, sound mind and for doing your job so well. But most importantly for just being a good person. 

Thank You,"

L.M., Kill Devil Hills NC,  June 2023

"Received a speeding ticket while on vacation (significantly over the limit). Unbelievable service and straightforward communication throughout. Retained service 36 hours before court date and was reduced and resolved. Highly recommend."

Client, December 2022

"Just wanted to check in to say I appreciate you fighting for me and am pleased with my decision of hiring you to represent me.

Kind regards"

Client, October 2022


"I appreciate Attorney Spencer taking the time to guide me.  I have been able to successfully address the issue using his suggestions and it has been resolved.  Please communicate my appreciation to him taking the time."

Client, April 2022 

"Matthew and his team are exceptionally professional to deal with. They made sure they promptly communicated with me and answered any questions I may have. They were thorough and realistic with expectations. I am very pleased with the results and I highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone seeking help! You will not be disappointed. Thank you Matthew and Denise."

Client, January 2022

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for handling my case. and my sincere thanks goes to you for the excellent legal representation.  You provided me with clear directions to have a successful outcome. You and your team kept me informed as my case went to court. You always provided clear and quick answers to any and all of my questions regarding my case. And you even called me with the fantastic results.

I would gladly recommend your services to anyone that may ever need them.

Thanks again for displaying experience and skill to get the best possible results for me.

A very happy client," December 2021


"Thank you so much for resolving this case for me. You really stayed on top of everything and answered all of my questions and had great communication throughout the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your office to family and friends. Hopefully I personally never have to use your services again :-)

Thanks again!"

Alex, August 2021

"I received a speeding ticket while on vacation. One call to Mr. Spencer and everything was taken care of. Excellant communication throughout and I couldn't be happier !"

Nick Pugh, June 2021

"Matt is a very good attorney..Very THOROUGH ...Definetly a straight shooter ......His assistant awesome.... Professionally run office ......"

Kent Harvin, June 2021

"As one of many seniors living in the Outer Banks, I was told that it was time to stop putting off the necessary steps to ensure that my Estate and final wishes were protected.  Upon speaking with Matt, it was apparent that he was the attorney I wanted to deal with to accomplish this task.  Our phone call was on a Thursday afternoon and by the next day Matt had provided me drafts of three (3) new Deeds, (two in Dare County and one in Currituck), my Health Power of Attorney, and General Power of Attorney. We then agreed it was time to update and create a new Last Will and Testament.

Both Matt and Denise were kind, thorough, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the process.  I never had to worry one bit that there was anything lacking or needing to be done.  They took a difficult situation and made it simple and easy for me.  Our OBX has a very large senior population and I urge all - of any age - to contact Matt Spencer to provide the necessary legal work that will make the inevitable a little easier for our loved ones left behind. I freely and without hesitation recommend the Law Offices of Matthew J. Spencer to all."

Client, April 2021

"We met with Matt in January 2020 to discuss some HOA issues we were having.  He gave us some advice on how to proceed which we implemented over the next few months.  When we were again running out of ideas, we met again in January 2021 at which point Matt gave us a full disclosure on our legal rights and his opinion of whether or not we should take the matter to court.  To keep the costs down, he encouraged us to try to settle out of court and laid out a battle plan to get that accomplished.  It worked.  Thanks Matt."

Mark L, February 2021

“Thank you so much for getting this result for me.  I was glad after talking to you personally that from all of the attorneys I had to choose from I felt confident that I had made the right choice.  It was good knowing I didn’t even need to consider another office. Stay safe and hope you and your family have a great holiday season.  Thanks once again!"

Randy, December 2020

"Matthew is an amazing attorney and an all around genuine guy! He has been our sons attorney for the past few years and has gone to court with him two times for custody and our family is absolutely pleased with the outcome both times. Matthew is extremely thorough, professional and knows what he is doing. We feel very blessed to have an attorney as good as he is on our side. Thank you Matthew for all you have done for our son and our family."

Tara Dietrich, August 2020

"Thank you and Denise for all your dedicated work in regards to my auto accident in 2017.  You both helped resolve an unpleasant, complicated experience.  I know it was time consuming and frustrating but we got through it and I am very glad you were able to help me."

Client, January 2020

"Hi Matt,

I want to thank you for your excellent advice and representation in connection with my November 24, 2019 citation for speeding in Kitty Hawk, which resulted in reduction of the charge from a potentially serious one to a lesser offense that will not adversely impact my driving record or insurance rates.

I also want to emphasize how impressed I've been with your professionalism and efficiency throughout this process. You promptly returned my call, gathered all the relevant information, explained the nature of the charge, the risks, the options, and the dynamics of the Dare County Court; followed up with an e-mail that gave clear instructions as to what I needed to do to maximize the chance of getting the charge reduced; and continued to respond promptly to my communications as we worked through the process....notwithstanding that it took place in the midst of the holiday season. Finally, you called within minutes of the court hearing to let me know the results. 

I have been practicing law myself for 32 years, and I know a great lawyer when I see one. If our profession had more like you, this world would be a better place.

Thank you again, and please feel free to share all or any part of this e-mail in any way you wish. 


Elaine Panagakos, January 2020

"I was involved in an auto accident this past December. I called a friend and he recommended Matthew Spencer, so I called and set appt. Went in and met Denise, Matt's assistant. Wonderful to meet and then met Matt. We sat and went over every detail even stuff I had no idea about but Matt did. Between the two they handled everything. They kept me up to date from start to finish. After everything was done I couldn't have been happier. I would and will recommend Mr. Spencer to everyone. Thank you," 

John, December 2019

"While we’re mightily relieved that this ordeal is finally over, Nancy & I will truly miss our interactions with you & Denise. Having to secure the services of an attorney is never something one looks forward to, but you have made our experience absolutely as pleasant as possible. We can’t imagine having worked with anyone who could have made us feel more comfortable. We truly have had “a friend in court.”  We appreciate your unfailingly good counsel, listening ear, patience, upbeat attitude, and appreciation of our Christian-oriented approach to this whole sordid mess."

Deane and Nancy B., December 2018


"Our family was involved in a serious accident with our kids, but Matt walked us through every step of the settlement process. He kept us in the loop as to whether or not he had heard back from someone, explained every detail regarding any paperwork received, and even came to our home when it was more convenient for us because of our children to talk with us or go over documents. He is very personable, extremely genuine, and truly seems to care about his clients. I would recommend him, and already have, to anyone in need of his services."

Mike, June 2018


"This past year has been a little bit of a "whirlwind" for me, with the car accident last July and other health issues. But knowing you were handling the accident issue gave me a lot of peace and comfort. Your kindness and thoughtfulness comes through when you talk with your clients. Your sincerity gives them the relief that everything will work out and they can trust you."

Donna, June 2018


"Thank you Mr. Spencer.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  I’m so glad I reached out to you first.  Thanks again for your help."

Tony, April 2018


"Thank you for all your help. If I know anyone needing help down your way I will make sure and send them your way."

Chris, November 2017


"Thank you for the good news. Super job taking care of this for me in a professional manner. I  will keep you at the top of my list for any future requirement or issues. Thank you again."

Tim, October 2017


"This was a problem of my own creation. Yet you and Denise made the situation easier to deal with and handled the matter in an entirely pleasant and professional manner. Thank you for your efforts."

Dan, September 2017


"There is no beating his price, and almost contrarily I feel like there is no beating his service either. His experience allowed what could have been a stressful and tedious process to be quick and pain free. He made it clear I could call for any questions or concerns, and since I am the kind of person to ask pointless questions and triple check things, I put that to the test. He answered each one of my questions, happily, either immediately from a phone call or in a timely, valuable email. In the end he saved me from a long drive with 2 nights in a hotel and missing 2 days of work, all for a price that is a fraction of a cost of what it would have been otherwise, and he was successful in getting exactly what we were hoping for from court. Simply saying that I am very satisfied with his service is an understatement. Thank you for representing me,"

Robert, August 2017

"Hello Matt, Thank you for all of your help.  You really were spot on with your assessment of the situation and the ultimate outcome.  I will surely recommend your services for any NC difficulties.

Best regards,"

Elaine,  February 2017


"Thanks so much!  We are so pleased with the results.  You will be the first to be called should we need legal representation in the future.  We spend quite a bit of time in Carova with many family members so it's great to know an attorney we can trust to do what he says he can do.  Regards,"

Chris and Deborah Cooney, July 2016


"Thanks very much on my daughter’s behalf for your assistance in this matter.  I feel we were well represented.  I will tell others who are traveling in your area where to go if they need help.  Thanks again."

M.N. Sealy, III  (Sonny), July 2016

"Matthew Spencer, P.C. effectively and efficiently resolved an out-of-state traffic violation for me with better than anticipated results!  I highly recommend calling Matthew Spencer, P.C. - you will receive extremely professional and personal attention from him and his staff."

Francine S. New Jersey, June 2016

"Mr. Spencer, Thank you so much for handling this case in such an organized and efficient manner. I'm very relieved to put the matter behind me. You will be the first person I call if I need any other legal services. Sincerely,"

Harrison Willets, March 2016


"Matt, Thank you for handling this issue in such a successful, timely, and professional way.  I will most certainly pass your name along if anyone I know gets into a similar situation - as much as I hope to not have to!"

​Joanne, January 2016.

"Thank you for your outstanding service."

​Karen Clodfelter, December 2015

"Thanks so much for your help Matt. This was really painless for me plus we managed to get the best possible outcome thanks to your advice. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who needs a lawyer in North Carolina!"

Mark De Caestecker, Nashville, TN, December 2015


"Mr. Spencer,   Thank you again for your assistance and support. You are a true professional and I sincerely appreciate your efforts."

Riley C., Virginia Beach, August 2015 


"Mr. Spencer, Thank you very much for your assistance and expertise in my legal issue. After speaking with you on the phone, I felt very reassured and confident the situation would be handled well. I'm glad I chose your letter, of all the letters from other lawyers, to pursue to help me solve this issue. - Sincerely,"

Jill Jacob, June 2015 


"Matt, Good luck with your change of venue and your new job! I still remember how wonderful you were to me with my legal issues at the condo in Nags Head all those years ago. You are a great guy and wish you the best."

Denise from Richmond, VA, May 2015


"Matthew “Matt” Spencer has represented our corporation on numerous occasions over the past seven years; he is focused, determined and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients. Matt’s exceptional work ethic, attention to detail and overall knowledge of the law make him an excellent choice if you or your business requires sound professional legal advice. From prompt response to follow through, he makes our jobs easier and that’s why we highly recommend him. Thanks Matt!"

Kellogg Supply Company, Inc., October 2015 


"When I took over as President of our H.O.A. I knew there would come times I would need guidance so I started looking around for an attorney who had experience in H.O.A. issues. After meeting Matt I knew I had found a person that would benefit our H.O.A. Now with numerous situations behind us I couldn't be more pleased. Matt helped us not only quickly but also took the time to thoroughly explain each issue and the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Matt!"

Michael E. Taylor, First Flight Ridge Homeowner's Association, October 2015


"Often, when its time to seek the advice of an Attorney, stress levels begin to rise and uncertainty prevails. In the course of managing "Assets" for a number of other people, Matt Spencer has helped me to stay focused on the task at hand, prioritize what needs attention, and let go of the distractions. Communication is key to any business transaction and/or life event. Matt is a strong communicator with business savvy and the discipline to get the task at hand completed. At a minimum, you can at least get a clearer picture of your legal needs with a simple phone call to Matt Spencer."

Fell Williams, Summerplace POA of Hatteras Island, October 2015

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